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The tunable santec laser TSL-550 is integrated into an optical setup to aid us with sensitive reflection and transmission measurements that require fine wavelength increments (approximately 0.01 nm steps).
The user-friendly display panel provides an easy interface to control the wavelength increments, power and other sweep parameters. Additionally, the santec laser also offers a broadband operation, covering the wavelength range from 1560-1680 nm, helping us to acquire the spectral signatures of our photonic materials in a broad spectrum.

Prof. Jennifer Dionne's lab,
Stanford University, USA

A1_B8mzi_coupler.dat.gifCoupling Ratio vs Coupling Length

A1_B8mzi_coupler.dat.gifMeasured interference fringes

We wanted to determine the coupling ration of silicon photonic devices' directional couplers with different coupling gaps and lengths. The test setup was simply sweeping the TSL-550 across its scanning range and measuring transmitted power with a photodetector. Measured devices were integrated MZIs with an initial 3dB Y-splitter and the directional coupler as the output splitter. Measured interference fringes gave us an accurate method for characterizing the coupling strength without input/output coupling effects.




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